The USS Cadecus, designed in a time of war to bring a measure of peace to those most in need.


She is a hospital cruiser and Diplomatic vessel capable of deploying in a moments notice. Her immediate mission is to bring medical specialists and supplies.  The USS Cadecus is capable of carrying medical supplies to distant colonies, running as a combat support hospital for Ships under fire, while at the same time running field triage units on the ground.

With the addition of the marine Pararescue team, The Cad is able to extract wounded personnel from the enemies grasp.

Among her other Duties the crew is also well versed on bringing humanitarian aid and support to either a ship in distress or an entire planet in need.  With a full compliment of Medical crew with multiple specialties as well as a diplomatic envoy, The Cadecus can also assist in First Contact situations.



And while the Cadecus is a medical ship  she is fitted with a variety of weapons that allow her to defend herself againt the enemy should the need arise. 

The first USS Cadecus was a protoype vessel, designed to separate into sections for various functions. However, it soon became apparent that this made the ship too vulnerable and the ship was redesigned.  A new and modern vessel had been designed to allow a smaller Medical ship to separate from the Main Hull to provide a complete medical facility without losing valuable time in construction of triage and treatment areas in medical emergencies.


Her Crew is skilled in helping in all aspects of humaintarian aid,  from simple sulpplies  to a complex repairs of a planets infrasturcture. Science and engineering teams are as important as the Medical Crews.




The USS Cadecus was Launched on stardate 43327.2 from the Garinol V Shipyards after being refitted, redesigned and repurposed  under the command of Captain Alistair Barnett.

Her first Mission brought her to Selik III to quell the invasion of the neighboring Cardassians and care for the wounded both Allies and Enemies. A secondary mission to gain information from the Cardassian plans was also initiated, but the Attack on the Hosiptal Domes brought that to an end as the Cadecus realized they would soon be seriously out gunned, they Evacuated the Settlement and left the system, taking 3 Cardassian prisoners with them for further Questioning  by Starfleet's Intelligence Division.

Mission Posts:

War Isn't Bloodless 


Wolf 359 - A Disaster in the Making -  The USS Cadecus took part in the rescue of survivors in the aftermath of the now infamous attack by the BORG at Wolf 359.  It was during this time that Lt Dreia Frej and Lt Jason Gonzalez worked on a device to captuer and immobilize a borg drone for further study.  While they were partially successful, there were a few unexpected outcomes. After they had managed to rescue survivors and bring them to safety. Starfleet Command's Scientific Unit took control of the borg and the stasis/static chamber to hold it designed by Lt Frej. 


Seyjuna- The Invisible Enemy -   While Captain Barnett was away on extended shore leave, the USS Cadecus was ordered to the  Seyjuna sector to deliver medical supplies with Commander Sorveck as the Acting CO.. While that mission in its self is not a challenge for the crew, a secondary might be. With the interplanetary war going on in the system

The USS Cdecus has been tasked with finding out what power is aiding it.  During this time Cmdr Frej received a distressing message from SF Science. The Borg Drone she had captured and they had taken for study had escaped and was now somewhere out there building it's own collective.  And as if that wasn't enough, They found evidence of a Romulan Tal'Shair  presence inthe Seyjuna sector.  And Jason Gonzalez was having his own existence threatened.



At Starbase 174 -   The crew of the USS Cadecus enjoyed a brief respite and celebrated the Nuptial Ceremonies for Jason and Dreia.  However, there was a small problem, there seems to be a prankster on board.



Erit----- Dire Disorder - The USS Cadecus is headed to the Erit system. the third planet is stricken with a deadly virus. Normally the Federation would just quarantine the planet and that would be that however the disease is able to survive the vaccum of space and therefore a threat to the rest of system.




Operation: Rising Phoenix   The Dominion has declared war on the Feaderation.  The USS Cadecus has been tasked with helping Betazed after the federation forces have retaken the planet. Under the Command of now Captain Dreia Gonzalez, they have been assisteing the planet with bth medical and hmaitarian aid...  But the dominion isn't ready to give up it's hold on the planet.